Dynogrid Ground Re-inforcement

Dynogrid is a new and revolutionary development in ground reinforcement. It is tough, flexible and easy to install making it the professional choice for a wide range of construction projects.
British manufactured from 100% British recycled plastic waste that would have been destined for landfill, Dynogrid is the environmental and sustainable solution of choice to prevent ground erosion.
Dynogrid honeycomb tiles provide an interlocking system that can be laid at ground surface level and then either filled with stone, gravel, earth or seeded.
Dynogrid can be used to create pathways, roadways, emergency vehicle access roads, driveways, cycle routes, towpaths, shed and greenhouse bases, green car parking areas and to stabilise embankments.
Dynogrid reinforces the ground and prevents erosion and rutting whilst allowing water to filter back to the water table – reducing the risk of flooding and making it perfect for incorporating into SuDS strategies.