Heat Reflective Solar Inserts

Heat Reflective Solar Inserts

We offer Heat Reflective Solar Inserts in 50m rolls of Silver, Gold or Silver/Gold and a range of widths to suit your polycarbonate.  If you require a width which is not listed for sale on our website please call us and we can arrange this for you.

Rods for inserting the solar inserts are sold separately and also the breather tape for re-taping the polycarbonate sheet ends.
Benefits are:
Reduces heat build up within conservatories by reflecting over 80% of solar energy, can reduce temperatures by up to 40 degrees fahrenheit in the summer, helps to retain valuable winter heat – reducing bills.

Easy to install – no specialist tools required. Simply create a hole at the end of the tape using a hole punch or similar, cut the end of the fixing rod with a knife and then feed it through the sheet channels.

Maintenance free – unlike blinds, doesn’t trap insects or dust and never requires cleaning!
Light transmission,
Solarflect will transmit c.17% of the existing Polycarbonate sheets overall light transmission.
For example;
Standard Clear 16mm Triplewall Polycarbonate Sheet will have an overall light transmission of c.70%
The addition of Solarflect inserts would reduce light transmission in this instance to 12% – (17% of 70%)

After inserting Solarflect, the polycarbonate sheets must be fully re-sealed with breather tape and the sheet edges reapplied.

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