Ultra Modern Trend NEW Collection

Ultra Modern Trend NEW Collection

TREND is a new collection of cellular cladding inspired by nature. The collection is offered in four colours, which are available in two design versions: STONE – with natural stone image and SOFT – with a subtle, monochromatic shade.
The new line follows the current trends in architecture – moving towards simple, large forms and the creation of modern elevations.
TREND cladding is manufactured with dual-layer KERRACORE technology which uses state-of-the-art process technology and engineering.

• Light weight resulting in easy handling
• Wide covering width, built-in locks and factory made nail slots facilitate and speed up the installation
• Material easy to work with – not susceptible to unsightly chips and cracks during shipment and installation
• Cut ends do not absorb water and after installation do not require any additional protection or painting

• Virtually maintenance-free – no need for painting and other treatment
• Absolutely moisture resistant – does not absorb water and is not susceptible to freeze / thaw complications – As a result does not peel and crack
• Does not support bacterial or fungal growth

• Application of KERRACORE technology in the production, which results in outstanding uniformity and density of the cellular core of the product. As a result boards feature dimensional stability and durability
• Matt surface of boards
• Connector – free joining with CONNEX system

Cladding boards with the CONNEX system are available in 2,95 m lengths. They have special built-in locks at each end, facilitating much quicker and easier installation, for which no additional connector elements are necessary.
Consequently, the joints made with the CONNEX system are almost invisible on the wall surface.

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