Vox Vilo Upholstered Panels | Oval | 60cm x 15cm


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Meet Vilo Upholstered panels; a simple way to refresh your walls by giving them a soft and pleasant look. Intuitive installation and a wide range of shapes and colours will help you create a cosy atmosphere in your house.

Planning a renovation? Settling into a new place? Or maybe you just need a change? With Vilo products you can change your place on your own: affordable, quick and easy. And the effects will be unique.

Do you dream of a soft headboard? Or would you like to refresh the hallway and provide it with a unique style? Do it with Vilo upholstered panels! You will adore the careful execution, thoughtful colours and versatile shapes.

This product: 60cm x 15cm, Oval Top

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Vilo Upholstered Panel

Graphite, Grey, Powder Pink, Sea Blue